Serious saving for your pets when living in SA

Hi all,

I haven’t written in ages.  My apologies.

People will probably have my head for this so here it goes.


While going through my tweets I came across a very interesting link. It was about 10 tips for saving money and still giving your pets the best you can.


Is it only me who realised that we here in SA don’t really have coupons? Or once a year sales? Surely if you have a shop or chain of pet accessories you would want your product sold?

How come they don’t really have specials. Or 2 for the price of 1.


Saying this, SA has some growing up to do in regards to their animals. Most of the people here either have outside guard dogs or handbag puppies.

So they will either buy everything they can for fluffy  or Max has to sleep in the yard like a man and he’s lucky to have a proper food dish.

I can’t help thinking people will change their minds about buying quality for their pets if the prices came down a bit. Or if you got free shipping for your dog house made from some indestructible material for Max who hasn’t left the yard since you brought him home.


Even training will benefit from this. If some of the big shops could say ok, if you use this trainer or parlor or dog walker you can have discounts every month.

These discount can very. For instance you can have food on discount now. Next month it can be the indestructible toy to go with your indestructible dog house you bought for Max. Or maybe 3 walks from your local dog walker for the price of one.


My point I think is just this. People need to realise that dogs have ivolved since so many years ago. So your dog hasn’t got a job like in the past any more. They actually need toys and walks and stimulation or they will go out of their minds. So maybe it’s a good idea to spend some money on something chewy or to play with until the accesseries stores decide to put these things on special. Your pet will thank you for it. And you won’t even have to break the bank. 


Lessons: My entry to the assistance dog blog carnival.

Our friends over at ruled by paws, are hosting the Assistance Dog Blog Carnival.

When I found out the topic for this round was going to be “lessons”, I thought long and hard about what I was going to write.
Both of my current dogs, Lilo and rigby, have taught me tons over the years…
But, I believe the most important lesson I’ve learned did not come from Lilo or rigby, but was given to me by a young Golden named Nuri.
Nuri was a tiny little thing, she Only weighed about 26 kilos. She was given to me after Lilo retired. Her guiding was flawless. She was a fast little girl. When I let her loose in my room at the training centre for the first time, she ran around the room 3 times. On her hind legs! I called her my little circus dog.
I had visions of us working together forever, and conquering the world.
Unfortunately, this was not to be the case. Nuri was only with me for 5 days.
On one of our training walks, a pick up truck drove over a speed bump and abruptly ended our time together. The pick up was carrying planks and made a loud crack when it hit the speed bump. That was it for Nuri. She got such a fright. And couldn’t bounce back. The trainer had to walk us back to the training van.
We agreed to give her a chance and monitor her for sound sensitivity, but Nuri became worse and worse as the time went on. The decision was made to remove Nuri from the training program two days later. Just before our first group walk we were waiting for instructions, There were cars driving past, and Nuri got so frightened that her trainer had to pick her up and put her back  into the bus.
Nuri may not have made it as a guide, but her puppy raiser adopted her, and she works as a therapy dog.
No one gave up on Nuri, we just realized she wasn’t meant for guide work and needed to be something different.
I ended up being matched with Rigby which I feel is exactly what was meant to happen.
Nuri taught me that this is not a cookie cutter world, there is always another, perhaps better, option.

Welcome to my world


Yups so I’ve decided to jump in to this blogging thing head first.


Apparently this blog is kind of a add on to the welcome page. So here goes.


I am 27 years old. I just happen to be blind. And this is a good thing mind you. Who else do you know who get to take their dogs everywhere. 

My fiancé is Brandt you can follow his blog here.


We own 3 dogs.

Or they own us. You can choose.

Lilo is the queen. She is my retired guide dog. Don’t tell anyone but Lilo also moonlights as a service dog. She is 8 and is probably my best friend in the whole world. Human friends please don’t be offended. As a friend once said, these dogs really keep secrets. 


Second in line is Rigby. He’s a Golden Retriever.. He’s 3 and is my working guide dog. Rig’s is the sensitive one and a great tissue.


Dog 3 is Farrell. He’s Brandt’s dog and the baby of the lot. He’s recently turned 3.  Brandt believes he’s “small”. This is not true. He is the biggest goofiest Golden ever. Farry believes you can fix anything with a cuddle or a toy and he’s an awesome cuddle partner.


The humans are plain and simple. Brandt and I have been together for 2 years. We tend to be crazy and enjoy life. Sometimes we can really be downright silly. We cook together. This is an adventure of it’s own. He’s not vegetarian and I am. But apparently I make the best stuffed chicken ever. 

We also tend to do weird stuff like build muffins at 3 in the morning. Or just decide to go out for dinner on a whim, then have a few drinks and accept a ride home from strangers.

Brandt still wants to build a Whisky Still in our garage. But I drew the line there.


So there won’t be regular bloging here, but be sure if I blog it will be something worth while. Be sure to check back.