It’s the last 24 hours before I go on class for my third guide dog.

I have everything laid out but for some unexplainable reason I can’t bring myself to pack.

Maybe it’s emosional. 


Brandt Lilo and Gilmore will be fine at home.{Gilmore is my sister’s Yorky I’m dog-sitting.]

Ive been getting these weird panic attacks throughout the week. Other times I can’t wait because a new chapter of my life awaits.

Heart burn has also been a big problem.

It’s unbelievable how stressful something like this is.  

I guess by tomorrow this time I will be able to share more. By Monday I will have my dog.  Throughout this 2 weeks I’m on class and even the aftercare I’ll try to update this blog regularly.

Now however, I should really publish this so I can actually start packing. The dog’s bag is finished. It’s my own that is the trouble.