I wonder what it is like to walk in a shop and look through the products to see what you want.

I wonder what it’s like if something beautiful catches your eye. 

I wonder how it is to push a trolley through people and to know when to turn or swerve. 

I wonder why the person hooted at me today when I was walking straight towards the road and trailed with my cane to see where the kerb was so I could do a right turn. Did he really think I was that stupid to cross right in front of a moving car?

I wonder what the houses and cars look like I walk past every day.

I wonder what my sister looks like, or my mother. Or even my husband. How did I look on my wedding day.

I wonder what a sneer looks like. Or a smile or a tear.

I wonder what food looks like. Does it look like it tastes?

I wonder what a photo looks like. Or even a drawing or painting.

I wonder what it would be like to have depth perception by using your eyes. To judge the distance for you to walk between people or cars.

I wonder what shapes look like. Do they look like they feel?

I wonder what it would be like to drive. To leave 5 minutes before an appointment and know you will be on time if you could only get parking.

I wonder what the moon looks like. That cheese thing has confused me. The moon cannot look like a huge wheel of Cheddar.

I wonder how labels look.

I wonder what facial ticks look like.

I wonder what body language looks like.

I wonder why I first had to walk in to your trolley before you moved it. You could see I was going to hit it and still you kept on talking to your friend. Fake appologies followed.

I wonder why the nice man stopped his car in the middle of the intersection to jump out and help me accross the traffic light. I could do it but appreciated the kindness.

I wonder why you think it’s funny to let your toddler grab my dog while it’s in harness.

I wonder why your school child has to tell you to please not touch the dog because it’s working.

I wonder why people always assume there’s transport waiting for me outside the shop when I have heavy packages.

I wonder why you’d think someone picks my clothes for me.

I wonder why you always talk to the person next to me.

I wonder why you assume I can’t sign for a purchase.

I wonder what it’s like to cycle indipendantly.

I wonder what it’s like to walk through a strange place and to just look at everything new.


These are all things that went through my head this morning while I was trying to get a shop assistant’s attention. It made me start to think and wonder.