So tomorrow is Valentines day. 



As you can see I don’t care about the spelling of the name because the doesn’t mean much. 


But this day of love is special in a different way. It’s my Rigby’s birthday!!

He’s turning 5. That means he has been with us for 3 and a half years already. I can’t believe how the time flies. 

The older he gets, the better he works. 



There’s not much I can say about my golden man. He’s not very brave. He’s scared spittless of drains. But he’s really got a golden heart. And he’s so loving and kind. He is patient to. Who can willingly stand in a bus for an hour, then walk about 2 KM home. 


All this with his head up and a wagging tail. I checked. I just hope he realises how much I love him and no matter what I’ll stand by him. We’ll do the best we can for the Rigger man because he deserves it. We know he’s the best he knows how to be. That’s plenty good enough for us. 

Happy hearty birthday my gentle one. I thank God every day that we didn’t loose you in August.