I haven’t written in such a long time. Due to my Mac getting stolen everything was lost and I had to scrape together so many things that were lost.

Thank goodness for back-ups. 


We have finally started and finished our wedding plans. 

The venue is sorted, as well as the menu. 

There are only the little odds and ends that still need to be tied up. 

We are keeping it very simple and my aunt, mom, sister and Brandt’s family have just been so helpful. My friends have been great to. Everyone is so excited and keep on giving these little suggestions I would never have thought of.


Of course my idea of my wedding would be for me to pitch up. All else must be done. Maybe it’s just me who can’t get excited about colours and which candles should go where. 

I’m more worried I’ll forget something crucial like Rigby’s food for the wedding night or his pills. Or that my dogs won’t feature in the fotos enough. 


So many people ask wheather I’m sure of this or that or if this is all right or to my liking. 


Yes it’s our wedding, but I’m way more interested in my marriage. The awesomeness of waking up with my man for the rest of my life and sharing joy, sadness and just plain silliness with him every single day. Getting lost in a parking lot together. Someone who laughs at you because you accidentally switched on the mixer while it wasn’t in the bowl yet and the kitchen ended up being dusted in flour. Welcoming a new animal in to the family. Or sitting up at night with a sick dog knowing at least there is someone with you who can call people because you’re to busy cleaning up and keeping the dog calm and can’t handle the phone as well. 


My point is, I love my wedding day planning. I love the excitement of picking a dress and deciding on the menu. Spending that day with all my friends and family is great. But tonight when everything is over, the cake eaten and the people gone it will only be me and him. Our love, devotion and trust will then hold and keep us forever and always. Until death us do part.