Yups so I’ve decided to jump in to this blogging thing head first.


Apparently this blog is kind of a add on to the welcome page. So here goes.


I am 27 years old. I just happen to be blind. And this is a good thing mind you. Who else do you know who get to take their dogs everywhere. 

My fiancé is Brandt you can follow his blog here.


We own 3 dogs.

Or they own us. You can choose.

Lilo is the queen. She is my retired guide dog. Don’t tell anyone but Lilo also moonlights as a service dog. She is 8 and is probably my best friend in the whole world. Human friends please don’t be offended. As a friend once said, these dogs really keep secrets. 


Second in line is Rigby. He’s a Golden Retriever.. He’s 3 and is my working guide dog. Rig’s is the sensitive one and a great tissue.


Dog 3 is Farrell. He’s Brandt’s dog and the baby of the lot. He’s recently turned 3.  Brandt believes he’s “small”. This is not true. He is the biggest goofiest Golden ever. Farry believes you can fix anything with a cuddle or a toy and he’s an awesome cuddle partner.


The humans are plain and simple. Brandt and I have been together for 2 years. We tend to be crazy and enjoy life. Sometimes we can really be downright silly. We cook together. This is an adventure of it’s own. He’s not vegetarian and I am. But apparently I make the best stuffed chicken ever. 

We also tend to do weird stuff like build muffins at 3 in the morning. Or just decide to go out for dinner on a whim, then have a few drinks and accept a ride home from strangers.

Brandt still wants to build a Whisky Still in our garage. But I drew the line there.


So there won’t be regular bloging here, but be sure if I blog it will be something worth while. Be sure to check back.